Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hotwife. A Womans POV

From the prospective of some women being seen as a hotwife means she garners male attention, levels the playing field with respect to younger and more attractive women, makes other women secretly jealous of her freedom; and possibly most importantly, the hotwife may want to experience the sexual freedom that she feels men have enjoyed for centuries.

A true hotwife will have largely gotten beyond "what others might think," and in the presence of women allude to her "hot" sexual hotwife experiences. Think of Samantha from “Sex in the city”

Although "promiscuous" used to be a negative term, a hotwife will let it be known that they are "woman enough" and sexually liberated enough to regularly meet the sexual needs of more than one man and in doing so satisfy her newfound sexual desires.

A hotwife may also like the feeling of crashing through propriety and propositioning certain men. Other hotwives, not wanting to be that bold or risk rejection, prefer that their husbands set up their sexual liaisons.

From my perspective as the adoring husband of a hotwife. I can tell you that Brandi loves being freed from social barriers and from the jealousy so often found within traditional marriage. As a hotwife, she is free to explore her sexual desires wherever they may lead....with my encouragement and elated approval.

more to cum!

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Husband's POV

So why would a husband desire to have a hotwife?

Although the husband's motivations can be quite varied the husband of a hotwife often, although not always accurately, referred to as the cuckold husband almost always gets vicarious sexual pleasure from his wife's sexual experiences, or in moving his wife's sexual attitudes from "very restricted" to being sexually liberated enough to meet the sexual expectations of different men and thus himself.

Since "being good in bed" tends to be an ego issue with new partners, the husband may feel (based on anecdotal evidence) that men outside of the marriage can accomplish what he hasn't been able to…..opening the door to adventurous sexual behaviors....and thus creating what he always wanted....a true hotwife.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hotwife Dirty Daisy

This little amateur hotwife hottie has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen! and the best part is...there is usually cum just dripping off those pretty lips and splattered all over her face! I have been to her site and she is the real deal a true hotwife with a sissy hubby....lives up in Canada....married about 4 years now and regularly answers her emails! She has a hot looking site, very professional looking but still maintains that...." Im just the hotwife next door " feel.

Here is a recent entry from her diary...

"Good morning/night, hehe, tuesday was a lazy day for me. I was up so late the night before that by the time i was going to bed, my son was wakin up, lol. I made a new record for the least amount of times I masterbated in a day! I only masterbated once!!! That means that wednesday I will have to make up for it by materbating double, hehe. Ill let ya know how it goes hehe ;)."


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hotwife Defined

OK....as the husband of a true "hotwife" I think its important that we all understand what a hotwife actually is....I think of it as a term of endearment!

Hotwife, Hot Wife Defined: A wife who is sexually uninhibited with the freedom and inclination to enjoy sex with both her husband and other men. From the hotwife perspective the goal is primarily physical pleasure, especially in being able to regularly reach a climax with different men. She may enjoy the attention of men, the freedom to pursue sexual partners, the excitement associated with new sexual experiences, and as a married women the "forbidden" nature of what she's doing. Although men might not be willing to admit it, according to many studies, fantasizing about men having sex with their wives, and especially having a hotwife, ranks among the top male fantasies.

There you have it! Since I am obviously biased toward my naughty little hotwife I'll feature her here first LOL! Keep checking back often as each week I will be updating this blog with information on the hotwife lifestyle, featuring new hotwives and following the daily lives of the wives I lust after most!

My Hotwife Brandi.....